Вознесенская церковь, Башкортостан 

   In our list of sights of the Urals - the majestic Byzantine-style church in the small remote Bashkir village of Voznesenka.

   Initially, in the XIX century, the temple was built by local gold miners wooden, then with a large fire, it burned down along with two thirds of the rest of the village. By the beginning of the 20th century, a stone church was rebuilt. They were built on conscience, eggs were added to the cement, well-aged lime was used. Then the Bolsheviks closed it and organized warehouses in it. Then, during the war, the temple was reopened to maintain the spirit of the citizens. But when Khrushchev was again closed and ravaged. And during Perestroika, local residents began to restore it again.

   Nearby is a small stele to Alexander II, installed to the abolition of serfdom. Alas, the memorial tablet is not preserved (of course).

   The complex history of this temple, but survived and operates. It remains only to wish him to continue proudly to rise above the passing epochs, remaining a symbol of human sincerity.

Address: Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, Uchaly District, Voznesenka

Coordinates: 54 ° 38′43 ″ with. sh. 59 ° 35′13 ″ c. d.

The route for cars of any terrain (more cautious in the spring - expensive with wet snow is not very comfortable), there are no age restrictions.

And after examining the Ascension Church, we went to the wonderful sunny city of Uchaly.

Вознесенская церковь
Церковь в с. Вознесенка
ворота церкви
Стелла русского императора
Дороги Башкирии
Храм в д. Вознесенка

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