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   Serpievsky state natural complex preserve of the Chelyabinsk region. One of the cult places in the South Urals, which served as a haven for ancient people thousands of years ago and later - a ritual place for the adherents of the ancient Orthodox worship. Around the numerous caves there are a wide variety of legends, from the version about the place of the accumulation of the Force to the curative miracle-working up to the cure of infertility. It's difficult to say how much all these hoaxes are reliable, but one thing is undeniable - it is a place of excellent mood and fascinating beauty, one of the most interesting sights of the Urals and an excellent route for rest of the whole family.

   The complex is located along the banks of the Sim River near the village of Serpievka. The river in this place is rather shallow (but not less from this picturesque), the banks are overgrown. However, it does not prevent to get close to the water and see how it gaily shimmers over the bottom stones. No special equipment is required, the caves are dry and clean. The cave "Kolokolnaya" is distinguished by its high "comfort": many-roomed, cozy, with high ceilings and spacious corridors, not far from the metro station))) Outside on the top of the cliff, cultural rest places are organized (benches, tables and campfires).

   And yet there inside the cave in the depths of one of the Ural mountains, formed hundreds of millions of years ago, you sense some mysteriousness in the cells of the body, some Force that is hidden by the cold of the stones. And, like nature protects these sacred places: snakes live on the river, cold and noiseless. We met on the way one black "aspid". He does not look like a horror, probably an adder. Therefore, travelers should be careful and careful in the summer months.

   It is noteworthy that the rocks are not yet spoiled by the modern wild man - vandals: unfortunately, there are inscriptions, but very few, and some are finely scribbled with a knife and hardly noticeable only after close examination.

The complex is located near the village Serpievka Katav-Ivanovskiy district of the Chelyabinsk region.

54 ° 51'28 "s. w. 57 ° 51'40 "in. e.

Marshut for cars of any terrain. There are no age restrictions. Special equipment at will (you can climb on rocks)

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серпиевская пещера

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