Bazhov Park 

   In many cities there are good cozy parks, where, depending on the situation, you can relax: on the weekend or in the evening after working with your family, or with children from school / kindergarten, and simply together with your loved one, for example.

   There is one in the Chelyabinsk region - in the town of Zlatoust, in the village of Krasnaya Gorka. Interestingly, the park is organized according to the intention of a private entrepreneur with his own funding, this is a rarity. A curious place for rest and excursions with small weapons and mineralogical museums and recreation areas. On the bell tower you can call the bell, whose frequency is 174 Hz (they say it's supposedly terribly useful for the body), or drink tea and see a lot of interesting things. Stunningly beautiful and informative!

   Certainly, Bazhov's park can be called one of the Ural attractions. The visit will be interesting to both children and adults alike. Constantly operates a large number of expositions on a wide range of subjects: steel making, minerals, Prokudin-Gorsky photography and much more.

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Address: Zlatoust, Krasnaya Gorka settlement, 16B

Opening hours: daily 10: 00-19: 00

Хозяйка медной горы
в парке Бажова
Парк Бажова
Музей в парке Бажова
Памятник Юрию Гагарину
Скульптуры в парке Бажова
Стены в парке Бажова
Часовня в парке Бажова
Парк бажова
Колокол в часовне

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