Vera island, lake Turgoyak

   The last day of winter on Turgoyak.

   The last day of winter coincided with the day off and a warm sunny day. Coffee, cleaning, urgent business and all that is done, it's time to walk. Taking with a great mood, went to the island of Vera.

   It turned out that there are a lot of people on the lake. As we walked back and forth, we met hundreds of two or three, no less. Many walked with children, with dogs, skied, on boards, on bicycles and quad bikes. There were several tents of lovers of diving. A group of air modeling enthusiasts was organized, aircraft and helicopters were launched. Interesting sight. Around them curious children and adults gathered.

   Most of the guests were wisely equipped with sunglasses. Very bright white snow and sun. You can and without glasses, of course. We did well without them, but it would probably be a bit more comfortable with them. But we did not lose details of an unusually beautiful landscape behind a dark glass.
The lake itself, naturally, is mostly covered with snow, but there are small islands of open ice. It's cool. Inside the ice, air bubbles were very interesting. Lined up in such bright rays, looks nice. The ice itself is covered with cracks, intertwined in bizarre patterns. Basically, small, but sometimes quite large, just splits.
To the island from the village to go quite far - about five kilometers. For an adult is normal, but the child at the end of the road quite noticeably tired. With small respites we reach the island. First of all, there is some hefty stone. Scientifically this thing is called menhir (from the two ancient words Men and Hir, something there is long) and it was important in the life of our distant ancestors. Approximately, as in our time the GPS system is for us. For some reason, roughly in the middle, it's broken. If the architect of this epic structure saw that he became with his brainchild today, probably, a little upset. However, considering how many centuries it survived, for its age it was preserved quite well; but, of course, because of the breakdown does not provide such a quality connection with the cosmos, as before.

   In general, the island has many traces of the activities of ancient people. No less traces and parking of a modern man. Tents, braziers and, of course, colorful cloths on the trees. But in general, everything is pretty decent and cultured; there are urns and people respectfully regard this, indeed, sacred place. We pass further and see something like a well, but only this is not a well. In extreme cases, an ancient sandbox for a Neanderthal child. It is very convenient to fold the bones of a captured wolf, for example, and play them. It is believed that the island is concentrated some kind of special Force. Probably, in search of this power, tourists have trampled on the island a lot of paths and paths. On some of them you go in and think: "Damn, what brought me here ...". In general, the routes are indicated by the appropriate signposts.
Once the island was called Pinaevsky by the name of one of Emelian Pugachev's companions, who hid here. This part of the history of Russia also left a mark on this island. Pugachov's movement was rather dissimilar and consisted of a variety of people. They fought, mainly, for the rights of citizens and the rule of law. Plus certain material moments, of course. Many considered them heroes, however, the government of Catherine the Great did not seem so, and she did not let rock the boat.

   Having inspected the sights of the island, we were going to go back. A bit tired, the child fell about a hole in a snowdrift, to rest. I noticed that in the pit lies a thick sheet of iron with some inscriptions in the old Russian language. Then the guide approached with a group of tourists. It turned out that a pre-revolutionary girl named Antonina Shelomova was buried here. The guide told a group of tourists that for a long time it was believed that this same Antonina is Vera, but literally last year, scientists have reliably proved that these are two different people. They are not even related.
Once Antonina lived near Yekaterinburg, but, categorically not wanting to live with the man she intended, she walked away. I walked and walked ... apparently for a very long time, until I reached our island and thought: "There are caves here, nobody is busy, the communal is bearable, the living space is large, the fishermen sometimes sail, I can make bonfires myself. I will live here. " However, she did not live long, and, under unclear circumstances, died in a Bose at the age of 22 on March 6, 1897. The Old Believers revere it, like the Holy One.

   After the story of the guide, both tourists were amazed at the sudden outcome of this tragic story and went on. And we went home. Probably there is some Force on the island, because the child, having left the island, said that the sun was frying it and began to rush on the ice until it was exhausted. The remaining half walked almost silently, just looking at the beauty around us. By the way, from the side of the island the new settlement church looks very impressive. Much better than near.

   Skiers, bicyclists passed by us, dogs ran about, the same movement went towards them. And we just got tired and happy home. Having reached the car, I found that I had not turned off the headlights, and the battery completely sat down. Catching a reproachful look on himself, he spread his hands: "We'll have to walk home on foot." The remaining road was accompanied by a quiet grunt with periodically repeating words "Well, how could you!"
And here we are at home. And at home ... at home pancakes, coffee and cherry jam. So we spent the last day of winter 2015.

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Russia, Chelyabinsk region, the city of Miass, Turgoyak settlement

Coordinates: 55 ° 09'38 "s. w. 60 ° 01'56 "in. e.

The route is designed for cars of any terrain to the shore, then on foot in winter or on a tourist yacht in the summer. There are no age restrictions.

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