Iremel mountain rivers

   The peaks of Iremel are remarkable not only for their altitude, but also for the nature that fills their slopes. Interesting flora, represented by very dense forests, harmoniously with the rivers flowing here. In particular, these are the rivers Tyulyuk, Sinyak, Tygyn, Avnyar and Karagayka.

   I decided to single them out as a separate chapter because they occupy a special place in the nature of Iremel. Like all mountain rivers, they are fairly clean and very cold. I gratefully appreciated their wonderful coolness on the way back after a long hike up the mountain. Enough to go a little bit in the brisk stream of water, as fatigue is removed, as if it was not at all. Not to mention the fact that they themselves delight the eye, and their friendly murmur gives a feeling of peace and tranquility.

   In the village of Tyulyuk, located on the banks of the river of the same name, there is an opportunity to rent a house, the service of throwing tourists to the cordon at the top of Iremel is developed. And along the coast there are independent travelers everywhere. In tents, in cars. Large companies, families with children, people of all ages. Iremel - one of the most interesting sights of the Urals - year-round attracts tourists from various regions of our vast country. And mountain rivers give extra charm to the rest here.

Address: Russia, rep. Bashkortostan, Uchalinsky district, Tyulyuk

Coordinates: 54 ° 32′00 ″ with. sh. 58 ° 50′20 ″ c. d.

The route for cars of any terrain, there is no age limit.

Река Тюлюк
Карагайка Иремель
Квакушка на Иремеле
Панорама Зюраткуля
Грибы на Иремеле
Река Карагайка
Реки Иремеля
Одна из гор хребта Зюраткуль
Синяк Иремель

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