Hydroelectric power station"Porogi". Part 2



   So, we went down to the very bottom of the dam, squeezed under the stairs, and an employee of the engine room of the complex came out to meet us (let's call him the Guardian). In a voice that did not involve objection, he suggested that we leave the zone of increased danger. Taking advantage of his appearance, I asked him to show us the hall with the machines, which he did not hesitate to agree to.

   Actually, here are those most famous artifacts - pre-revolutionary mechanisms. The most real acting (acting until recently) museum exhibits.
The belts have already been thrown off and the cars just stand, as if resting after a century of righteous work.

   Here everything is imbued with some charm of antiquity: walls, equipment, and the Guardian himself, probably))) A good man, I thought.
We talked a little about different things, among other things, I asked:
"And when did the cars stop?"
"Yes, they worked last summer," the Guardian replied. "They are still in working order!"
It seemed to me that his face darkened with sadness and he added quietly:
- Well, everything, you can finish the tour.

   We went out into the sunny street and went to inspect the complex further. Nearby is a building in excellent condition for its age. I do not know what this building is, there's no entrance, we did not get inside. Probably the former factory management.

   After examining it from all sides, we went through the sightseeing further - to the abandoned premises.

   The hydropower plant was originally built to meet the needs of electricity in the ferroalloy production. By the way, the first such production - based on electricity - in Russia, if not mistaken. Therefore, here everything is reminiscent of the industrial character of both the premises and the surrounding territories.
Premises small, dilapidated. Attraction of attention features architecture of the time. In one of the rooms from the windows a wonderful view of the river b. Satka flowing right at the foot of the building. The darkness, the ancient walls, the window with a rustling river ... There is not enough rocking chair and gramophone with the rustling plate of Glenn Miller.)))

   Somehow there was a "crib" from Norilsk))) She did the long way.
Acquaintance with the Poroře hydroelectric power station is coming to an end, leaving the most pleasant and happy memories. Very interesting place. I want to join the gratitude expressed in the memorial tablet fixed above the entrance to the engine room, which reads:
"Viktor Vladimirovich Zagnoiko. 30.01.1948-19.04.2014
Engineer with a capital letter. A man with a big heart. From 1998 to 2014, he kept and maintained, at his own expense, the Porořský Hidrouzel Monument of Science and Technology.

   The facility is located in the Satkinsky district of the Chelyabinsk region, a turn from the federal highway M5 in the area of ​​the intersection, branching to Zyuratkul.

Coordinates 55 ° 16'55 "p. w. 59 ° 08'05 "in. e.

The route is designed for cars of any terrain. There are no age restrictions. Special equipment is not required.

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