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   The legendary car "Ural". Perhaps there are few people who have never heard of him. He is widely known in his homeland and abroad, participated in many armed conflicts (the first cars of this plant helped to forge the victory during the Great Patriotic War), conquered the spaces impassable before cars, worked in the most difficult conditions, performing the most would be impossible tasks.

   The plant itself was begun even before the Great Patriotic War in 1939. Initially, it was conceived as a bombshell, but later evacuation of automobile production, which was under the threat of destruction by the Wehrmacht army, was carried out here. So in the labor feat of the people a future legend was born.

   Much has been written about the Ural car itself. However, we will not dwell on the traditional enumeration of its advantages and disadvantages, they are already known and dismantled for a long time. Anyway, the Ural Automobile Plant and the cars it produces, their victories and achievements are one of the most important and significant milestones in the history of our country, in the history of the national economy of the USSR and modern Russia.

   Every year, on September 1, the plant holds an open door, when anyone can come and see for themselves the assembly lines of the plant. If you are thinking about where to go with the child on this day, then if possible consider this option; the child will definitely be delighted. In the meantime, I suggest to get acquainted with the production of the automobile plant "Ural" by means of a small photo tour.

Address: Russia, Chelyabinsk region, city of Miass, pl. Predzavodskaya, 1

The route is available for cars of any cross. Special equipment is not required. No age limit

Сборка автомобиля "Урал"
Кабина нового "Урала"
Прессы "Erfurt"
Подготовка к испытаниям
Сбока мостов
Установка агрегатов
Главный конвейер завода "Урал"
Линия сверловки рам
Сборка кабин "Урал"
Кабина нового "Урала"
Линия сверловки
Новые "Уралы"

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